Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Dog House Project

I will be back tracking some due to starting this Blog after a couple of year that "The Dog House" is up a running. So I liked the name "The Dog House" due to our two dogs Bear & Max love the Westy. The Westy I have is a VW 1982 Diesel Westfalia with a 1997 AHU Jetta 1.9TDIe motor installed. I am averaging about 30 to 35 MPG. The Transaxle is still the 1982 stock one that has been re-builted and re-geared. We went with the stock 1st and 2nd gear, 3rd changed to a 1.14, 4th is now .70. The R&P was changed to the .457. I am running stock 14" wheels but will be changing to the 16"x6/5". Later info on them coming.

So I was given this Westy by my cusin Carl that lives in Alaska. He bought it from a friend that traveled back and forth from Alaska & Arizona. That is where I live, in Arizona. I was about 100 miles from this old broken down vehicle that I did not know anything about. I am a trained motorcycle mechanic, mostly Harley Davidson's for 25 years. I will tell about the start of getting this unknown van to our house in AZ.